Accreditation and partnerships

The Halal Correct Certification Foundation (TQ HCC) is accredited and recognized by many international Islamic authorities and is supervised by the independent Islamic Council for Fatwa and Research in the Netherlands (The Islamic Board for Fatwa & Research in the Netherlands – IBFR). The Islamic Board for Fatwa & Research represents the four largest Islamic law schools and maintains close contact with relevant Islamic institutions in Europe and worldwide.

Food technology; Foundation TQ HCC makes use of the expertise of specialized food agencies such as Eurofins Food & Feed Testing (International) and Scienta Nova in the Netherlands for research and laboratory services.

Unique in international halal accreditations

Halal Correct Certification works in compliance with the internationally recognized halal guidelines based on the quality management system ISO 9001:2015/ EC 17065:2012 and EC 19011:2011. To provide additional transparency and halal guarantee, it is our goal to obtain a broad international recognition.

Halal Correct Certification recently obtained the following international accreditations:

Official recognition Status:
MUI – Indonesia 2018-2021 More info
JAKIM- Malaysia 2018-2021 More info
MUIS- Singapore 2018-2021 More info
SFDA – SHC Accreditation 2020-2022 More info
EIAC – Dubai Accreditation 2018-2021 More info
ESMA – Emirates Standarization 2018-2021 More info
Gimdes Turkse autoriteiten erkenning 2018-2021 More info
WHFC – World Halal Food Council 2018-2021 More info


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Halal Correct Certification also works in close collaboration with the Islamic University of Rotterdam (IUR) and with dozens of other Islamic authorities in the Netherlands and Europe.

The Halal Correct Certification Foundation falls under the supervision of an independent Islamic board of Imams in the Netherlands and an independent board that ensures and safeguards the impartiality.

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