Our organization places a high value on education and training, only in this way we can offer the right expertise to our customers. Our auditors are carefully selected through a strict recruitment and selection procedure. Our auditors have a food technology background or a comparable study such as biotechnology food. In addition, it is of great importance that our qualified auditors participate in international halal food training, such as in Indonesia, Malaysia and Dubai for example. All our auditors have followed international training, which is provided by EIAC from Dubai. Training program: UEA.S 2055-1, UAE.S. 993, GSO 2055-1, GSO 993, OIC / SMIIIC 1 and animal welfare.

Our lead auditors are continuously working through traineeships to develop and to train different auditors for different scope application areas, so our auditors with the right knowledge will be more widely employable.

All auditors are in possession of ISO 19011 quality standard (auditing and audit techniques)

Are you a Halal producer or Halal supplier and if you are interested in Halal certification or want to know more about the Halal certification procedure and international Halal certifications, please see this link to fill in the application form.