There are many different forms of certification. Some certificates are internationally recognized, others have a more national character. Some aim to maintain product quality, while others – such as ISO – are intended for a wide range of organizations, products and services. The benefit of certification is that it is made clear to the customer and other stakeholders that the relevant organization has a system in which all processes, procedures, work instructions, responsibilities and information flows are accurately recorded. Moreover, there are procedures to check whether the standards are also being used. The customer therefore knows that the company is at least trying to deliver quality. The company is able to meet the standards.

If a customer works according to Halal Correct standards, this means that a properly functioning quality system is present and that Halal standards are also met. But it does not always guarantee that the standards are also being used. That requires discipline from employees and managers. This is an essential fact and it is important to consider it carefully. This is done by conducting certification audits and frequent inspections by competent and trained Halal Correct employees.

In a number of cases, organizations see a certificate as an end in itself. The motivation then does not arise from the own wish to deliver good quality and want to deliver Halal products, but is enforced by the market. With certification, a distinction is also made between “will-companies” and “must-companies”. With the “will-companies” the desire comes to offer good quality, to meet Halal standards and to obtain a certificate from the inner desire of management and employees. With the “must-companies” however, this is more or less enforced by the customers. A number of companies simply do not do business with non-Halal certified suppliers.

Many people think that a supplier certified by Halal Correct stands for perfect quality. In many cases this is true, but quality and certification are not inseparably linked. Obtaining a certificate is sometimes compared to obtaining a school diploma: someone has the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding. But it is precisely after obtaining the diploma that the person has to prove again and again that he continues to deliver the right performance.

Of course, a certificate of Halal Correct has a certain value! The most important advantage is that the organization proves to the outside world that it meets the standards set by Halal Correct. In order to obtain the certificate, it has been audited by us on Halal dignity and quality. This has been done on the basis of objective standards. It is also true that the organization has dealt for a long time with the requirements for obtaining the certificate. The Halal awareness has grown among employees. Moreover, the certificate must be obtained every time and the customer is audited annually for this and, depending on the risk profile, frequent inspections are carried out. The certificate must be obtained each time being and the client is audited annually for this. Depending on the risk profile frequent inspections are carried out. Delivering quality becomes a continuous concern. Finally, the organization with Halal certification has Halal procedures that are important when discussing product liability. In that way the organization can prove that she has done everything possible to prevent problems and to guarantee Halal!

A recognized certificate is only issued by recognized and specialized companies. Halal Correct has approvals and is authorized to issue recognized and specialized Halal certificates. Halal Correct has acknowledgments from various central bodies that have the right to grant us this certification authority. The achieved international recognition of Halal Correct are published on the website and are updated regularly.

Are you a Halal producer or Halal supplier and if you are interested in Halal certification or want to know more about the Halal certification procedure and international Halal certifications, please see this link to fill in the application form.