Halal means , that what is allowed for Muslims who believe in Islam as religion. This not only concerns the end product, but also all actions that take place prior to delivery. Halal is a nutritionist with clear rules and guidelines that Muslims are expected to follow. Halal is not only limited to meat products, but according to Islam everything Halal is good for people, animals, the environment and society and vice versa this also applies to haram.These religious rules regarding food are based on:

  • The Qur’an (the holy book of the Muslims).
  • The Sunnah (the tradition and way of life of the Prophet Muhammad).
  • The consensus of the Muslim community
  • Analogy, based on the primary sources of Islam as explained by recognized Islamic scholars.

In daily life, food is a necessary component and so these dietary laws also play an important role in the life of the Muslim. Halal is also an identity of conscious living. Halal stands for quality, hygiene and lifestyle.

What are e-numbers?
An e-number is a number that is assigned to a specific additive or auxiliary substance in foods. It indicates that the substance is permitted in the EU. E-numbers are included in the commodities law.
The producer is obliged to include these additions on the label. Producers can put the number and / or name of the substance on the packaging. Many additions also have different names. This makes it very difficult for a consumer to understand what is in it.

Is the stunning of animals during the slaughter halal?
The basis for Islamic slaughter is that the animal is slaughtered without any form of stunning. However, Islamic scholars indicate that an stunning is permitted to a certain extent and in special cases, namely when there is impotence or when the quality or animal welfare is at stake.
In all cases, the stunning should be reversible. There must be a guarantee that the animal will continue to live after stunning and will not die.

What are the important characteristics of halal slaughter?

  • The most important conditions of halal slaughter are:
  • The animal must originally be clean. The animal must comply with the universal and moral health values.
  • The animal must be treated humanely. The animal must also be alive during slaughter and the name of Allah (God, the Creator of the universe) should be mentioned about the animal.
  • The animal is slaughtered by a cut in the neck by an Islamic skilled slayer. The animal must also be allowed sufficient time to bleed out before the processing is continued.

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