The Halal Correct quality mark has become a concept in both the Dutch and the International Halal food market for more than 20 years. The quality mark is protected and represents the values that we use in our organization. It is also a guarantee for both consumers and producers that your products are qualitatively and reliably inspected.

Halal Correct believes that people have the right to consume fair Halal products, both in the Netherlands, Europe and in the rest of the world. That is why we continuously work on improving our quality managementsystem. We are working more and more internationally and aim for international recognition.

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Corporate social responsibility principles or CSR principles of Halal Correct-TQHCC

Halal Correct distinguishes seven CSR principles. With every decision and every activity these principles are discussed.

  1. Accountabiility (taking responsibility and accountability);
  2. Transparency;
  3. Ethical behavior;
  4. Respect for stakeholder interests;
  5. Respect for laws and regulations;
  6. Respect for international (behavioral) standards;
  7. Respect for human rights.

Are you a Halal producer or Halal supplier and if you are interested in Halal certification or want to know more about the Halal certification procedure and international Halal certifications, please see this link to fill in the application form.